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  • Primal Kitchen Dressing Ranch 8.5oz
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    Primal Kitchen Green Goddess Avocado oil dressing 8oz
    "Real-food eating deserves real, high-quality ingredients, so we made this dressing without soy, sunflower, safflower, or canola oil, dairy, gluten, or sugar*. This Green Goddess is so unexpectedly flavorful, you might say it’s far from “garden variety.”
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    Primal Kitchen Thousand Island Avocado oil dressing 8oz
    "Thousand Island Dressing serves the same taste you love with satisfying ingredients like avocado oil, organic vinegar, eggs, tomatoes, and olives. Slather it on broccoli slaw or spread it on a burger." Exp.: 11/09/21
  • Primal Kitchen Caesar Avocado oil dressing 8oz
    "Made without gluten, dairy, soy, or canola oils. Salads and wraps, rejoice—this marinade reigns with organic eggs, organic apple cider vinegar and organic herbs and spices."
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